Why Pinterest Can Be Bad for Branding

I see it all the time. Clients spend hours upon hours scouring the internet, pinning and saving hundreds of logos that they love for various reasons like:
  • a particular script font
  • a textured serif
  • a circle/stamped arrangement
  • a detailed illustration
  • various art mediums
  • vivid colors palettes
  • and a whole plethora of other reasons!

They explain, “These images are me.” So, how can this actually be harmful? Attempting to pull all of these elements together can result in a “kitchen sink” design where too many competing design elements result in a hot mess.

Would you ever… … step into your closet and layer yourself in your summer wardrobe, winter wear, casual and dressy attire, and a variety of all types of accessories you own on any given day? Probably not. This is the essence of how a Pinterest-inspired logo can turn out. Many design elements that compete are pulled together for a design that shows no direction.

In my experience, the most efficient way to decide what a company’s new logo should entail is to ask two questions:

“How do you want your logo to feel?”

“What does this design need to say about your business?”

From there, supporting design elements should be chosen and created to develop a cohesive design that accurately reflects your brand and business mantra.

The goal is to develop a design that in one swift glances say exactly who you are and what you do.   Don’t get too swept away in design trends. Have fun pinning and enjoy the availability of such an easy research source, but don’t get overwhelming feeling that you have to have it all.

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