The Keys to Working from Home and Productivity

Is it tough to find the force within to get on the grind and check things off your to-do list? Working from home can be a BEAST. Finding a successful routine means more productivity and LESS time at the desk!

Here is a down and dirty list of what REALLY works:

Rise and shine. Set an alarm and the start the day at a decent time.

Stretch. Meditate. You simply cannot move from the bed to the desk and have a body that feels ready for the day. Get some movement in first and stimulate your mind.

Always get dressed. Hanging ’round in your pj’s gets old, fast. If you don’t look like a bum, you won’t feel like one!

Plan. Map out your day the night before or first thing. This avoids random rabbit-hole decention where the internet can often lead, am I right? Keeping your tasks on track means less time at the desk.

Watch Yo-self. Get the heck off social media. Close down distractions. Hide your phone.

Be mindful of the clock. Set time limits for each task.

Create the perfect space. Where do you work the absolute best? Coffee shop? On a balcony on vacation? Recreate that space at home.

Stimulate all senses. Soft music. Great candle. Delicious cup of tea, joe, or flavored water. Comfy chair. Soft rug under foot.

Do you have other ideas that work? Email me or comment below and share!

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