How to Create the Perfect Logo

I have many clients that come to me initially and want the perfect logo but have absolutely no idea what kind of logo will suit them best. I mean- it’s a HUGE task for a business. In one small graphic you have to represent all aspects of who you are and what you do. So what do you do? Are you ready for this?! This is the most SIMPLE way to understand what a logo should be. Ask yourself: What distinguishes your brand? What sets you apart? Write it down. It may be as short as a few phrases or as long as a paragraph.

Based on your answer to this, you want to represent that specific connection between your business and others. This is the substance of what your business is all about- what makes you different.   An excerpt from Brand Thinking & Other Noble Pursuits (great read, by the way!) does a fantastic job of explaining this:
Brand Thinking and Other Nobel Pursuits

“I think the only requirement of a symbol is that it have substance underneath: the first thing to do is to try to establish the substance. The style comes after the substance. Only then can the style help the substance, and vice versa.”

  Based on what sets your business apart, a symbol can be created that will evoke an emotional response in people unknowingly, naturally.   Establish substance, then style!

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