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How to Gain Clients and Grow Your Client List

Gaining clients is probably one of the hardest parts when you're just getting started as a designer, right? I've been getting a lot of emails lately from new designers figuring out how to navigate this new world of business they are in. I love it! I love that so many feel comfortable reaching  ...

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A Journey of Authenticity: The Brand Brilliance Book

Has anyone else been on this journey recently? I've been discovering what it means to be authentic- authentic to myself, authentic in the way I present myself, authentic in how I development my surroundings, authentic in my business. Realizing what makes me unique and being proud to be just  ...

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Why Color Psychology Isn’t Always Applicable to Branding

Colors have feelings and evoke emotional responses but these feelings can be affected by what surrounds them. Let's try out a little experiment... okay? If you have a color swatch in each of your hands and the one on the left is a soft, baby blue with a hint of lavender and the one on the  ...

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Detailed Logos, Solutions for Making it Work

A detailed logo design can be limiting, however, don't let those limitations stop you from exploring and enjoying rich color and detail. Read below for the two biggest potential issues and simple solutions. SCALABILITY Potential Issue: A design rich in detail and color can be tough to  ...

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The Key to a Successful Logo Design

Simple is best. Yes, I said it! And mean it. Do I cringe while writing this because I make a living by creating logos? Not a chance. I want to share what I've learned after developing thousands of logos for companies around the world. A business needs a recognizable mark- which may mean a  ...

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4 Steps to Creating a Logo

If you are in the market for a new logo design or perhaps even a redesign, you may feel overwhelmed. I'm sure you've done a bit of research and compiled a selection of logo designs you really love however you are unsure of what you'd like for your company. Whenever my clients are having a  ...

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