Meredith Myers, Logo DesignerHI, THERE!

I am Meredith Myers, a graphic designer by profession and the creative mind behind Jack + Mo. Combining design theories, real art mediums, color and typography to develop dynamic and unique works of art is what I love best. I am a problem solver. I ask questions. I research. I collaborate directly with my clients to discover the utmost essence of a business and develop branding incorporating their core values. The end result? Beautiful logo design compositions that visually represent each business individually.




I began Jack and Mo (formerly Jack and Molly Creative) in 2008. J+M started as a fun, weekend and evening gig that challenged me artistically and intellectually. I found that branding quickly became a perfect fit for me as with each new project, I have the opportunity to explore a wealth of informational disciplines and collaborate with really incredible people around the world.

My clients range anywhere from being in the medical field and heath + wellness to commercial and residential real estate, product development, restaurants, retail businesses, creative services and so much more.

I am constantly learning, reading, researching, exploring. Could I possibly be any more lucky to do this as a profession?!? #ilovemyjob

I started with a few clients, and those few clients were happy with their results and passed my name along, and those few continued to pass my name along, and here I am, so many years later- with clients all over the world.

In 2011, I decided to leave a full-time position as a Creative Director for a publishing company and do J+M all the time. Developing branding and marketing strategies that my clients feel accurately reflects who they are is my true passion.



My experience includes serving 4 years as the Creative Director and Production Manager for a national publication (with a weekly circulation of more than 100,000) and an apprenticeship at a strategic communications firm (who have won some great awards like the ADDY, AIGA, SABRE, Pinnacle Business, Holmes Report, Telly and more.) With both of these experiences, I feel I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience worth gold.

Meredith Myers family

I hold a BA in Graphic Design from Peace College (William Peace University) where I graduated with honors and received the Artemisia Excellence in Art Award.


You can usually find me in my studio with a nice tall glass of ice water with lemon (that sounds lame, right? I scaled back on the coffee!), downtempo, binaural beats, classical or hip-hop on loud and designing logos like a champ. I have an amazing hubby (Britton), 2 boys (Jackson: 11, Breck: 2) and a sweet baby girl named Kensie Jane. We also share our home with a ridiculously cute Australian Labradoodle named Moose and a moody little hot dog dachshund named Miller. These peeps are my world. When I'm not working, you might find me hanging out with my fam, reading anything from best-selling fiction to research in science, cooking something deliciously healthy or rearranging my furniture for the one-millionth time.



I believe in treating others with kindness; I am a true Libra and definitely thrive on balance and equality. I believe in minimalism and not buying a ton of “ stuff ”, spending time outside enjoying sunshine and fresh air, and reminding myself how fortunate I am to lead a happy, healthy life. I love that through Jack + Mo, I am able to help others build the businesses they dream of and make a positive impact worldwide. As sappy as that sounds, it is 100% true!

If you'd like to discuss design projects ideas or have any questions, please do reach out to me! meredith@jackandmo.com.