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The Keys to Working from Home and Productivity

Is it tough to find the force within to get on the grind and check things off your to-do list? Working from home can be a BEAST. Finding a successful routine means more productivityand LESS time at the desk! Here is a down and dirty list of what REALLY works: Rise and shine.Set an alarm and  ...

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How to Gain Clients and Grow Your Client List

Gaining clients is probably one of the hardest parts when you're just getting started as a designer, right? I've been getting a lot of emails lately from new designers figuring out how to navigate this new world of business they are in. I love it! I love that so many feel comfortable reaching  ...

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A Journey of Authenticity: The Brand Brilliance Book

Has anyone else been on this journey recently? I've been discovering what it means to be authentic- authentic to myself, authentic in the way I present myself, authentic in how I development my surroundings, authentic in my business. Realizing what makes me unique and being proud to be just  ...

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How to Create the Perfect Logo

  I have many clients that come to me initially and want the perfect logo but have absolutely no idea what kind of logo will suit them best. I mean- it's a HUGE task for a business. In one small graphic you have to represent all aspects of who you are and what you do. So what do you do? Are you  ...

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