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Color Palette Inspiration: Botanical Abstract

As soon as I saw this painting, I was drooling! Ah! These colors! These lines! The white space! This is one TALENTED artist. Prints and other gorgeous artwork by artist Bianca are available at WildHumm.com. Paying homage to her amazing skills, this color palette has been created to be used  ...

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Color Palette Inspiration: Cinque Terre

One the most beautiful places in the world full of inspirational color is Cinque Terre, Italy! Inspired by a gorgeous photograph by Jonathan Haider, this color palette has been created to be used and enjoyed!  Please feel free to use these color codes as you'd like! Just copy and paste the  ...

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Why Deep Work is Important

Most creatives dream of those scarce days when we find the perfect state of flow- being fully immersed, in the zone, energized, where productivity is coming easily, naturally, freely. How do we get there? What does it take?   Through a series of experiments and findings,  ...

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Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic basically jumped into my arms at the airport book store. The bright colors I admit grabbed my attention but it did literally fall of the shelf into my arms. I basically had to buy it; I couldn't tell the universe no! This book is such a fascinating read, I was  ...

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Beating Procrastination. Just Start.

Procrastination can be the root of emotional distress. Fear of performance or avoidance of a making a decision is often the reason for putting a task off until later, or more simply the reason of, "I just don't feel like it." Recently, I was given the best advice from my dear friend Hannah  ...

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