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What the font? Understanding Commercial Licensing

Did you know that a lot of font styles require users to purchase a commercial license before use? Fonts are intellectual property and subject to restrictions just like software. Is your mind blown right now?! This is something many folks have never given a moment's thought. But it makes sense  ...

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The Key to a Successful Logo Design

Simple is best. Yes, I said it! And mean it. Do I cringe while writing this because I make a living by creating logos? Not a chance. I want to share what I've learned after developing thousands of logos for companies around the world. A business needs a recognizable mark- which may mean a  ...

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4 Steps to Creating a Logo

If you are in the market for a new logo design or perhaps even a redesign, you may feel overwhelmed. I'm sure you've done a bit of research and compiled a selection of logo designs you really love however you are unsure of what you'd like for your company. Whenever my clients are having a  ...

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