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So, You Want to Turn your Creativity into a Business?

You'll obviously need creativity and the inclination to turn that into a business, so let's just say you've already got that in the bag. What next? What do you do? How do you become great?   An incredible illustrator asked me this recently: How do you do it? How do you turn your artistry into  ...

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Why Deep Work is Important

Most creatives dream of those scarce days when we find the perfect state of flow- being fully immersed, in the zone, energized, where productivity is coming easily, naturally, freely. How do we get there? What does it take?   Through a series of experiments and findings,  ...

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Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic basically jumped into my arms at the airport book store. The bright colors I admit grabbed my attention but it did literally fall of the shelf into my arms. I basically had to buy it; I couldn't tell the universe no! This book is such a fascinating read, I was  ...

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Complexly Simple

A few weeks ago, a client stated that among the most important factors for her new branding, she wanted a design that was complexly simple.Whenever I need to ponder a thought, I typically get up from my desk and walk around a bit, refresh my coffee, walk outside; this is exactly what I did  ...

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Beating Procrastination. Just Start.

Procrastination can be the root of emotional distress. Fear of performance or avoidance of a making a decision is often the reason for putting a task off until later, or more simply the reason of, "I just don't feel like it." Recently, I was given the best advice from my dear friend Hannah  ...

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How to Easily Critique Your Own Design Work

Design elements can be analyzed individually by how you think they feel. When I was a senior in college, I went to an AIGA design portfolio review where some of the top local designers were there to critique student members' work. I stayed up until 3 am making sure everything was just right  ...

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How To Overcome Fear

Fear sits at the back of our minds and prevents us from going for dreams and escaping monotony. Fear is crippling. So, how can you overcome fear? Initially you have to move beyond this: someone will always criticize you. It's true. No matter what, you'll always receive some form of criticism.  ...

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