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How To Name Your Business

Creating the perfect business name takes research, planning, thought-- created to withstand time and serve a wide range of purposes.  A few pointers to consider:   ▸ Search it. Are the words unique enough that searching online for your company will be easy for potential customers? ▸ Say it.  ...

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The Key to a Successful Logo Design

Simple is best. Yes, I said it! And mean it. Do I cringe while writing this because I make a living by creating logos? Not a chance. I want to share what I've learned after developing thousands of logos for companies around the world. A business needs a recognizable mark- which may mean a  ...

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Beating Procrastination. Just Start.

Procrastination can be the root of emotional distress. Fear of performance or avoidance of a making a decision is often the reason for putting a task off until later, or more simply the reason of, "I just don't feel like it." Recently, I was given the best advice from my dear friend Hannah  ...

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How To Overcome Fear

Fear sits at the back of our minds and prevents us from going for dreams and escaping monotony. Fear is crippling. So, how can you overcome fear? Initially you have to move beyond this: someone will always criticize you. It's true. No matter what, you'll always receive some form of criticism.  ...

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How to Effectively Handle Emails

Sometimes I think the sound of emails coming in is literally what will drive me to total insanity. I get this feeling of urgency, and as if I don't send a response within the hour, I may hurt my business in some way. But research shows that just isn't true. Here are some pointers for how to  ...

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