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Color Palette Inspiration: Boundary by Laurie Fisher

Paintings on serenaandlilly.comare one of my favorite things to oogle. Yeah, I said oogle. That's one of those words you can casually toss out on a blog and not feel like a total nerd, as you might in casual conversation, right? Laurie Fisher's painting entitled "Boundary" is a masterpiece.  ...

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Why Color Psychology Isn’t Always Applicable to Branding

Colors have feelings and evoke emotional responses but these feelings can be affected by what surrounds them. Let's try out a little experiment... okay? If you have a color swatch in each of your hands and the one on the left is a soft, baby blue with a hint of lavender and the one on the  ...

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Color Palette Inspiration: Botanical Abstract

As soon as I saw this painting, I was drooling! Ah! These colors! These lines! The white space! This is one TALENTED artist. Prints and other gorgeous artwork by artist Bianca are available at WildHumm.com. Paying homage to her amazing skills, this color palette has been created to be used  ...

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