How to Create Balance in a Room: 3 Easy Steps Using the Stuff You Already Haves

I am a big proponent for utilizing what you have in your home and also making every space feel ultimately functional, comfortable and balanced. Whoa Nelly… that’s pretty ambitious, right?

Sometimes it seems hiring a designer to remove it all and redecorate in one fell swoop would be a like hitting the lottery, but then you would:

A. spend a ton of $$

B. pile up landfills even more

C. not have any of the things you love and cherish

D. not have a space that feels personal

…and that’s not cool.


So.. here are 3 huge things you can try at home to make your space feel balanced.  This applies to any room or space— living/family room, bedrooms, entry ways, studio apartments.

Literally anywhere! And best of all… it’s FREE! 🙂

Room with Great Traffic Flow: Source


Traffic Flow.

It’s interesting that our current western home style rooms are rectangles or squares, and human movement is much more fluid.

Make sure traffic patterns are comfortable and energy/air moves easily through the space. Walk around the room. Do you have to slide a chair over to open a cabinet? Do you have to squeeze up against a wall to walk around the edge of the dining table?

Sometimes the solution is less furniture for a more functional space.

And no matter how crappy your stuff is (seriously) less stuff immediately makes a space look and feel more luxurious!

Bird's Eye View of a Room


The Balancing Act.

This is a crazy theory that I’ve developed and really believe it.

Imagine your room was suspended in air. Nothing supports the weight of the room but one pivotal point in the center. room_drawingThe items in the room must be arranged in a way that the room will stay balanced and not topple over. This means all heavy items must be distributed equally around the room. Equaling out the heavy stuff will quickly make a space feel more comfortable and balanced. The final result doesn’t have to be perfectly balanced but a nice, general, visual balance.



High to Low.

Most people decorate a room from the floor to about mid-way up— rugs, chairs, tables, lamps.  But don’t forget the top half of the room! Bring in vertical design elements that help bring the eyes up and make a space more roomy— tall plants, ceiling to floor drapes, floor lamps.  If a space feels empty, don’t forget to “shop your house.” Often the solution for a space can come with things you already own.


That’s it!

Flow – balance the heavy stuff – high to low.

Use what you have, get rid of what you don’t need/like, and enjoy your space like you’re on vacation.


*If you are curious, all interior photos are linked to their original sources!